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About Neu-Tech Roofing

Neu-Tech Roofing was founded by Tom Barberry in 1973 as The Operculum Company. Tom ran the business for several years as a 2 man show from a shop in Whitefish. Tom was an interesting guy with many passions. In 1976, he decided he wanted to fulfill his lifelong dream of opening a motorcycle shop. He put the company up for sale and did just that. Steve Gaiorksi was working with the power company in Alaska when he heard about the opportunity to buy a roofing company in Whitefish Montana. He had done roofing on the side his whole life. Steve had grown up in a small town in South Dakota where his father owned a roofing company. Steve bought the business and shop from Tom and changed the named to Neu-Tech Roofing. His vision was a roofing company that served all of Montana and did flat roofs and shingles on commercial and residential buildings. He had 2 employees in the 70’s, and they worked tirelessly to fulfill Steve’s Vision. Within a couple years, they were rocking and rolling and made Neu-Tech Roofing of the busiest companies in Montana!



During these 3 decades Neu-Tech Roofing continued to grow and serve all of Montana. We were involved in commercial and residential projects throughout Montana, Idaho, and northern Wyoming with an emphasis on commercial flat roofing. In the 90’s we became one of the biggest commercial roofing companies in the state! Examples of our work included all the Kmart’s in Montana at the time, the Kalispell Middle School Gymnasium  and also some of the biggest churches and historical buildings in downtown Kalispell.


During this time, Steve decided that he wanted to downscale his operations and only serve his home area of the the Flathead Valley. While the big projects were still being cranked out, they were concentrated mostly in Kalispell and the surrounding areas. Around 2020, Steve started to think about retiring.


In 2022, Steve brought on Charles Whatley - a partner with the plan of taking over Neu-Tech and breathing new life into it. Charles grew up coming to the valley for vacation. In 2015 when he started working here, he decided he wanted to own a company in Montana. Charles is now the managing partner and future owner. We are now operating state wide again and looking forward to the next 49 years!

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Throughout the Years

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